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Design Worx provides custom graphic design, web development, print media and promotional product solutions for small to mid-size business's. Connect directly to a local designer and front-end developer who will see your project through from beginning to end. From logos to websites we have you covered.

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Thousands of completed designs and products with decades of marketing experience.

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Freelance Graphic Design and Web Development

Designworx Studios is the brain-child and freelance work of Michael Webster. Currently operating under Michael Webster Services Inc., Dworx is the culmination of over 15 years of creative services in my private and professional life. Dworx is not only a service based initiative, but also a showcase for the work I have done for both clients and corporate employers throughout my creative and professional journey. In most cases the work you will see is client-based freelance work that I have completed during my career, but in some cases I mixed in corporate based work that I did while employed for different companies throughout my career. By no means am I offering any of that work for sale on this website, nor am I claiming it was done for my clients, but rather I am just trying to give people a well-rounded view of my skill set in the case they want to reach out to me if they like my work and would like to work with me on their projects. A little background on where Dworx came from. I started Dworx many years ago with the mission to provide graphic design support services for individuals, many of whom were friends and family. I had never worked with small businesses during my teenage years but my creativity was always flowing into projects...sketches, graphic design, anything I could put my mind to and create something from. From that small beginning I gained a following and have since been lucky enough to work with many small businesses and clients in a variety of industries. In the beginning many of my clients could not afford or did not know how to go about finding a firm to create advertising materials for them. They appreciated my help and I was wiling to help them with their design needs for a fraction of the investment that they would have to make somewhere else. That is where my current mission came from. The mission to provide small - midsize businesses with the design services they can only find from a larger, more expensive design firm. And just like that, Dworx was came to be. Out of that need Dworx was born as a free-lance web and graphic design firm with the mission to provide design services to those who needed it. At first we specialized in logos and print work, mainly because in my early years that was most of what I did. My background in promotional products and printing gave me the confidence to help customers who were looking for business cards, promotional flyers and more. As my skills progressed in the graphics field I began to start integrating my graphic design into websites. I began designing websites and handing off the finished designs to a partner developer who would then code the sites. In many cases this is still the process I follow but I am now entering a brand new phase of my career where I am both designing and coding websites on my own. The website you see before you is a culmination of my growth as a designer and developer into that role as a website developer. My story is one that follows the trail of a graphic designer moving into a web-designer with a little user experience / user interaction mixed in. My journey into this field began over 15 years ago when I was a Junior Graphic Designer for a B2B promotional product and marketing company that had large corporate licenses. I was tasked with designing print ads, catalogs, and promotional products. During my early years I was lucky enough to work with some very large brands such as MillerCoors and Corona where I quickly learned the importance of brand identity and brand guidelines as I was forced to work within those guidelines. It was a great opportunity to learn from senior graphic artists who taught me specialized techniques in photoshop and illustrator that I still use today. I had not learned anywhere near what I was learning during all my art classes in college and I was hooked. For a young kid who is eager to learn this was a perfect place to do it. As my career developed I began working directly with the promotional product factories overseas and locally to create graphics that were used on our products and shipped to clients around the country. This experience gave me deep insight into the print and production processes that all promotional products are developed using. Working with the factories gave me a unique insight into the industry and helped me better serve our customers with designs that worked for their products. My interest in promotions / marketing grew to a point where I wanted to learn more about the industry on thus pursued a new angle to learn more about the industry - Sales. There is no marketing without sales, just as there are no sales without marketing. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the next 8 years of my life working directly with marketing managers and corporate clients throughout the country in a sales executive role. I view this time as one of the most important periods in my professional life even though I was not always 100% focused on the creative side. The ironice thing was that my creative skill and graphic background actually became the driving force behind what differentiated me from the normal 'graphics' only individual. I was now working directly with the clients to fulfill their needs and facilitating large scale production orders for the products I had once designed. My creative background helped me gain a competitive advantage over competitors because I could fulfill the role of both salesperson and creator. If a client needed a mockup of a product, I could provide that instantly and move the sales process forward faster. I also enjoy the time spent with people that is not always available when you are working behind a computer everyday. But while I enjoyed this role, I didnt feel it fulfilled my desire to create. I yearned to be developing my creative skills further and learn other aspects of marketing, especially as I wathced the web industry explode in popularity during that same time. I knew what I wanted to do and where I needed to be. So I stepped back into the creative field once again and dove straight into an email marketing design and development role for an up and coming online retail organization. This was a great opportuntiy to blend my design skills with my budding web skills and begin to learn and entirely new side of the marketing universe. I was happy to be learning and developoing my craft once again in a way that I could see near limiteless poteintal. This opporutnity gave me unqieu insights into new platforms and tehcnolgoies such as ISPs, ESPs, CRMs and other ecommerce related technologies while dipping my toes into bug management and scrum. After spending several years with that compnay they were purcahsed by a larger organiztioana and I saw yet another oppporutnity to move my craft to a new area of immense potential -- ECOMMERCE. I began working with an old yet solid company that sold a staple product with huge yearly sales but not a great web presence. My time with that company was a great learning experience in web based techology where I was thrown deeper into CRMs, Web Frameworks and new email marekting tools, as well as as host of other tools for communication and productivity. although I am not currently in that exact role I am still very active in the ecommerce world and developing my skills further and further in the web, ecomm and email worlds. At the same time I have re-dedictated myself to learning my craft and engaging in productive learning experineces in coding and website technology. i have been lucky enough to take classes and learn from highly educdated and real world expereinced teacher in C#, javascript, jquery, css, html and more. That learning has catapulted me to where I sit today. All this makes me who I am and makes Dworx what it ultimately is...

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what we can do for you

Build Awareness

In most circumstances your company logo is the first thing people see when being visually introduced to your company. For this reason, your logo is what most people will remember about your company and what they will refer to in their mind when they think of you.

Communicate and Distribute Information

Your logo is an important part of your new corporate identity because it communicates the image of your company and helps inform people of your business. Your logo can tell a potential customer exactly what you company is all about without requiring further information. Capturing the essence of your company is important because people will relate to your logo and feel comfortable doing business with you.

Make and Sustain Relationships

Your logo is the strongest visual representation of your company. Logos are the visual identity of your company and will represent your company outside of the office.

Service Customers and Make Sales

Your logo can tell a potential customer exactly what you company is all about without requiring further information. Capturing the essence of your company is important because people will relate to your logo and feel comfortable doing business with you.

why choose us

  • Always Custom Design
  • Coding, Web, and Design Professionals
  • Personal Attention & Interaction
  • Connect direct to artists and developer
  • One-Stop for all your needs
  • Personal Account Management

hear from our clients

"DesignWorx is the best! Mike did an awesome job for me, and quick! I needed a logo for my new television show that would really stand out and get people's attention, and Mike was able to offer me a variety of options and was quick to make any updates or changes that I needed. I have gotten such good feedback from both my employers and the viewers, I've been asked to make shirts and other items to sell on our website with our show's logo. I really appreciate the professional and personalized service, and will no doubt come back to DesignWorx for all my future projects. Thanks again!!!"

- Jeff Gaskin
Executive Producer - TV8 Vail

our mission

Our mission is to combine professional graphic and web design services with the highest quality marketing and promotional products available.

Here at DesignWorx Studios, our mission is to combine top quality design with the highest quality marketing and promotional products available. Our focus on design comes from the understanding that your logo and marketing design are what set you apart from your competition. In todays competitive market there are certain requirements that the average consumer needs to do business with you. The first of these requirements in many cases is the ‘appearance’ of your company. This means that consumers care about your logo and the way your marketing materials look, and will make their decision to utilize your products/services versus another company based solely on the appearance of your company. The average consumer equates the quality of your company or organization with the quality of what you put in front of them. If your logo, brochure, and website is un-professional, unattractive, and flat-out amatuer, people will believe your products and services are too. Why do most major companies such as McDonald’s and WalMart spend so much money on every detail of their marketing? Because they know the importance of appearance and image.

We can give you, your company, or your organiztion a quality, professional image that will make potential customers believe in your products or services. Marketing and promotional tools are the face of your company when you are not there. We take this fact into consideration and only offer the best products so that you are always representing your company at its highest level. If you choose any of our marketing or promotional solutions you can be sure that we will take you smoothly through every step and make sure your project is completed to the highest professioinal standards. By combining our outstanding graphic design with our customized product selection, you are sure to build a strong company image without breaking your budget.

The design and production processes can be very labor intensive, and may seem too much to deal with for many people. If you are not a professional designer, you will not know how to download templates, edit fonts, change file formats, maximize file sizes, set file resolutions, adjust bleeds, setup color modes, prepare files for output, submit files electronically, flatten files, review proofs, etc, etc, etc. There are a lot of technical specifications involved with every aspect of design and production processes. If you are not a trained professionalThis is how we are different from most design and production companies. We strive to take the difficulty out of the design and production processes. We do all the labor intensive work for you. If you know nothing about graphics and printing you are at home with us. We design your projects so you dont have to. We deal with the print shops long list of production guidelines, so you dont have to. We review proofs and make changes, so you dont have to. All you have to do is sit back, click a few links and wait for your project to be emailed or delivered right to your doorstep. Its that simple.

We do not ask you to go through the entire process on your own. You can consult with us on the details of your project, free of charge. We are available anytime to discuss your project and are happy to answer any questions you have about our products or services. We do not want to just push our services onto you and have you purchase blindly, that is not our goal. Our goal is to take your through our processes from beginning to end. If we design your project and you choose to purchase one of our products, we will make sure that you are involved every step of the way. If you just choose to have us design your project then we will be sure that your ideas are implemented in such a way that you feel like you are always in control of your project. So go ahead, give us a shot, we are sure that you will be pleased that you did. Thanks.

Make you look good

What company does the Golden Arches belong to? Do you know what company uses a SWOOSH for their logo? Hopefully you get the quick point we are trying to make. A good logo is one that instantly relates your customers to your company.

Help you to stand out

A successful logo can stand out and grab peoples attention on its own. We believe that using graphics or icons that can be easily recognized and are universally known can increase the chance of being noticed.

Cost effective design service

Using colors that reflect your industry can enhance the success of your logo. If you are an environmentally friendly organization green can work great because most people associate green with nature. Red, orange, and yellow are more exciting and warmer colors.

give you tools to succeed

Your logo should only use graphics, text and colors that are associated with your company. They can be used torelate your business vision and goals in a more abstract way, or can even be used in a simpler fashion such as your company name spelled out on its own.

Custom Design, Web and Promotional Solutions

Design Worx provides custom graphic design, web development and promotional product solutions for small to mid-size business's. Connect directly to the artist and developer who will see your project through from beginning to end. Whether your needs are as small as a logo, or as extensive as a Web site, we've got you covered.
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"design is our passion. its what we do."

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Design Policies & Guarantee

Our Order Policy

All orders are placed as a retainer to start work on your website. Upon submission of your order and style sheet work will begin on your website. All orders placed are non-refundable once work begins. If you do decide within 24 hours that you would not like to proceed with your order we will refund your payment.

Our Payment Policy

We accept credit cards, paypal, check or money orders. Credit card and Paypal orders will be processed and started immediately. Checks or money orders will need to be verified before work begins.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you will be satisfied with the outcome of your design. In the unlikely event that you do not like the outcome of your design we will provide a new concept free of charge.*

Why Choose Us
  • Always Custom Design
  • Coding, Web, and Design Professionals
  • Personal Attention & Interaction
  • Connect direct to artists and developer
  • One-Stop for all your needs
  • Personal Account Management
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What Our Clients are Saying

“The best.”
“Great work.”

What we can do for you
  • Build Awareness
  • Communicate & Distribute Information
  • Make & Sustain Relationships
  • Build Know, Like & Trust Factors
  • Service Customers
  • Help Make Sales
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