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A combination of form and function that ensures a high-quality user experience with ease of interactivity.

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Always Responsive, Custom , Hand Coded, CSS, HTML, Jquery …

Ensuring a high-quality user experience with ease of interactivity is our top priority. Combination of form (design) and function (coding), our team is skilled in all aspects of website design and coding. Each of our plans are customized to fit your needs and we will work with your budget.

Our Website Design Plans

We have 3 plans to choose from based on your needs. Compare them here:

Website Design


Perfect for individuals or partners who starting new or revising their website and have a small budget but want to have a more professional web presence.

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Website Design


Specifically for businesses or organizations who want to create a new identity or re-design / upgrade their existing identity with custom style and functionality.

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Website Design


For customers who are looking to operate their business using their website and require custom functionality, backend access and business features to help their business operations.

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Your website is the main line of communication between you and your customers. A well-designed website is a necessity to stay competitive. It is essential to give prospects and customers information they need about your products and/or services to keep them engaged.

Website Plan Comparison

Features Starter Business Pro
Template Optional* Optional*
Responsive Mobile-Friendly Design
Custom Code and Functionality (image slideshows, galleries,  
Custom Design  
Domain Name & Hosting
Custom Email Accounts
Contact Form
Blog (Custom Posts)  
Google Maps Integration  
E-Commerce Store    
Search Engine Optimization (Starting Package)  
Social Media Embed and Integration  
Online Chat Connected    
Content Management System (CMS)    

There are certain features that will be available for one plan and optional for others. For example we offer a templated site standard with our Beginner plan but it could also be of value for our Business and Pro customers depending on your needs.

How it works

Our Website Design and Order Process

Choose a Plan
Choose a design plan that best suites your needs and current situation.

Style Guide
Complete the easy online style guide to tell us more about your design needs.

Consult With Us
Talk to us about your website design goals and aspirations.

We Design
We begin the web design process and build your site from the ground up.

Our Website Design Process

Learn more about our website design process


In most circumstances your company logo is the first thing people see when being visually introduced to your company. For this reason, your logo is what most people will remember about your company and what they will refer to in their mind when they think of you.


Your logo is an important part of your new corporate identity because it communicates the image of your company and helps inform people of your business. Your logo can tell a potential customer exactly what you company is all about without requiring further information. Capturing the essence of your company is important because people will relate to your logo and feel comfortable doing business with you.


Your logo is the strongest visual representation of your company. Logos are the visual identity of your company and will represent your company outside of the office.

Site Build / Code

Your logo can tell a potential customer exactly what you company is all about without requiring further information. Capturing the essence of your company is important because people will relate to your logo and feel comfortable doing business with you.

Approve / Host / Launch

Your logo will help your business be recognized anywhere you put it. Think NIKE, their swoosh is the most recognizable logo ever created, yet is very simple at first look.

Market / Communicate / Maintain

Lets face it, when you are a small business it is not always easy to look professional. A well done logo can give you that professional look you need to bring your business to the next level.

Custom Website Design

We provide custom website design and development solutions with custom quotes and unique services for each individual site. Our design and development quotes are based on several factors, some of which are listed here:

Website Cost Factors

These factors and many others will help us determine the costs associated with your website:

  • Website size
    • Pages, Sections, Menus
  • Features (Social Media, Blogs, Maps, Forms)
  • Code Complexity (Galleries, Slideshows, Transitions, Animations)
  • Content (Pages, Paragraphs, Descriptions, )
  • Design Difficulty (Basic site vs. Customized)

Website Features

  • Responsive Mobile-Friendly Design
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • PHP / Javascript / Jquery
  • E-mail Accounts
  • Domain Name & Hosting
  • Blogs
  • Google Maps
  • Entry Forms
  • Slideshows / Galleries / Portfolios
  • SEO / SEM / Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Integration

Website Re-design

When should I re-design?

Most websites need consistent maintenance to stay relevant. If your website has not been updated in the past 2-3 years you may need to re-design your website to stay current. An informative and innovative edge to your website is essential to its effectiveness. If you are losing your edge it may be time for a minor, or major change. You may need to make your site more search engine friendly if you are looking to reach more people using search engines.

Keep Up with Trends

If you already have an internet presence, but think you could benefit from a new approach a Website Re-Design may be exactly what you need. Ask yourself if you have done anything to update your website since it was launched? If the answer is NO, then you are a likely candidate for a re-design. Any of our website design services above can provide you with a newly re-designed website that will get you back on track.

style guide

Tell us about your design

What is a style guide?

Our style guide is a series of simple questions about your website design.

The guide is designed to give us insight into how we can best achieve your design goal and gain a better understanding of your needs.

Need help with your website style guide?

It helps to think about what type of website you are looking for. There are different types of websites that serve certain functions. The type of website that best fits your needs will depend on the:

  1. Needs of your business
  2. Purpose your website will serve
  3. Your target audience
  4. Structure of your website
  5. What are your competitors doing online?

Types of Websites

Static vs. Dynamic

Static Websites

Static websites are the simplest way to showcase your products or services online.

A static website contains content and information that people would be searching for and can help you present your business. It is referred to as 'static' simply because this is no data integration or functionality that is database driven. Essentially static websites include images and text content like products, service, and other important information that potential or current customers would be looking for. Static websites are a cost efficient way to improve your online presence but if you want something more 'dynamic' you will need additional functionality that only Dynamic Websites can provide.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are required for online databases, e-businesses, e-commerce memberships, members-only, online shopping, and others

Dynamic sites also allow users to set personalized preferences on what information will be displayed. A dynamic site can have a more dramatic impact on your business because the content is more e-commerce driven, while a static site is more for just simply presenting information in an interactive way.

HTML vs. CMS (Content Management Systems)

which you choose depends on the objectives of your website

HTML Websites: Easier to Build / Harder to Maintain

An HTML website can also be known as a static website

HTML elements form the building blocks of all websites. HTML allows images and objects to be embedded and can be used to create interactive forms. HTML provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items. It can embed scripts in languages such as JavaScript which affect the behavior of HTML web pages. In order to make Web pages more dynamic looking, additional programs and features such as JavaScript, PHP, Cascading Style Sheets and others were added to work with HTML pages. The average business person has little time to develop expertise in any of these languages, therefore relies on the services of a highly skilled Web programmer. These additional programs, while enhancing the viewer’s experience, significantly increased the complexity of the code. In a traditional HTML site, you would have to use additional programs such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver to edit the content and design of a website. It is important to note that you can put any HTML site on a CMS platform, but you cannot put any CMS on an HTML without running into major problems. While the benefits of running a Content Management System outweigh running an HTML site, it really depends on the type of website you want and its objectives.

CMS Website: Harder to Build / Easier to Maintain

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application which lets you create and manage your website using an admin panel.

Content Management Systems provide reusable templates, and reduce the time necessary to post content. A CMS allows features to be used over and over again. But building a CMS takes time — and money. Marketers, designers, and developers each have different needs. Let’s look at how to choose the best solution for your next website: 1. How much control are you willing to give up? When you integrate your website into a CMS, you’re committing to a finite structure that must fit your content (and future updates).2. How often will content updates be necessary? If your site revolves around serial content like blog posts, press releases, and videos, chances are you’ll want a system that allows you to easily add new entries. Consider whether your site will need to be updated regularly — if not, skip the CMS in favor of a really good web developer.3. Have you budgeted for the up-front costs? Whether you’re looking at open source or enterprise tools, you don’t get a CMS for free. Usually a massive expenditure is required, up-front, to integrate a site into a CMS. Not to mention that every piece of editable data adds more time to a web project. Building a “system that lets everyone on the marketing team update content” also increases the likelihood of a broken design 4. Are you prepared for ongoing maintenance? Implementing a CMS has ongoing costs as well. Now your entire site is run by a system, so you either need to stick with this system or hack something in. Yes, I said hack. A CMS’s architecture is based on the original designs; scaling that architecture can be tough, especially if the changes are required in a hurry. If you want to create something on your site that deviates from the established styles, you’ll need to to bring a developer back in. “Simple tweaks” have the potential to snowball into a complex integration.

why choose us for your website

Great web experiences completed for satisfied customers

Always Original & Responsive

We guarantee that all our website designs are 100% custom and original. We use a combination of stylish design and custom code to create websites that not only nice looking, they are extremley functional.

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Low Startup Costs

We have no confusing packages, all sites start at $999.00. Each clients cost of services is customized to fit your needs and we will work with your budget. To begin a new website please fill out our style guide and submit to us. After we receive your submission we will reach out to you via email or by phone, whichever you prefer. Once we have decided on a fair price, our team will create 3 Original Homepage concepts for your website, you can choose 1 and then we can go ahead with the project.

Better Quality for Less

We provide professional quality website design and development for less. We do not have the high costs associated with larger firms and do not clutter the process with over sold features and needless functionality. We care about what you want and how it will work for you and this lets us pass the savings on to you.

Design and Code All-In-One

When you work with us you are getting design and code all in one. Many web design firms have either developers or designers and will charge more for use of both. Since we operate as one unit we are able to provide an all-in-one approach that helps you save time and money.

"‘the best website designs take a company ideas and vision and portray them in a way that is attractive, informative, easy to use and memorable’"

Website Design Info

What is a Website ‘Wireframe’?

Concept is a term we use meaning new logo design, or really any logo design new or revised.

What is a Website Mockup?

Revisions are changes, adjustments, or alterations to a logo design concept. Revisions are a normal, healthy part of the design process. We include up to 3 revisions free with every logo design option. All revision requests must be submitted using our Revision Request Form.

What does 'coding' mean?

Style Sheets are a series of questions that give you the ability to provide us with important information regarding your logo design. We use this information as a starting point and general direction for your design. All logo orders must be submitted with a completed Style Sheet.

How do we host / launch a website?

Style Sheets are a series of questions that give you the ability to provide us with important information regarding your logo design. We use this information as a starting point and general direction for your design. All logo orders must be submitted with a complete.

What is website 'maintenance'?

Style Sheets are a series of questions that give you the ability to provide us with important information regarding your logo design. We use this information as a starting point and general direction for your design. All logo orders must be submitted with a completed Style Sheet.

Idea Upload

Upload artwork you want us to use as inspiration for your design using our Idea Upload link. Uploads may consist of images, pictures, and previous logos.


We work fast to give you original concepts within 48 - 72 hours of placing your order. If more time is necessary we will contact you via e-mail or phone. The revision process may add on additional time. Ask about our rush service for jobs that need emergency attention.

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Design Policies & Guarantee

Our Order Policy

All orders are placed as a retainer to start work on your website. Upon submission of your order and style sheet work will begin on your website. All orders placed are non-refundable once work begins. If you do decide within 24 hours that you would not like to proceed with your order we will refund your payment.

Our Payment Policy

We accept credit cards, paypal, check or money orders. Credit card and Paypal orders will be processed and started immediately. Checks or money orders will need to be verified before work begins.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you will be satisfied with the outcome of your design. In the unlikely event that you do not like the outcome of your design we will provide a new concept free of charge.*

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  • Always Custom Design
  • Coding, Web, and Design Professionals
  • Personal Attention & Interaction
  • Connect direct to artists and developer
  • One-Stop for all your needs
  • Personal Account Management
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