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Crossfit Hardcore came to us with a new project to take their website from a basic wordpress template into web experience worthy of its 1,000+ members. As an avid crossfitter at the time, I was happy to take on the job to give them an entirely new identity starting from scratch. This project really showcases all the different ways we can help buisnesses recreate themselves from design to promotional products.

building dynamic web experiences

Crossfit Hardcore, based in Boca Raton Florida, came to us with a project goal of taking their currnet website from a basic wordpress template into a dynamic web experience worthy of its 1,000+ members. We accomplished this goal with a combination of CMS website with 3rd party client management software. This project really showcases all the different ways we can help businesses re-create their digital identity: logo design, website design, print and digital media and promotional products. As well as helping with 3rd party management software and overall business efficiency.

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what we can do for you

Build Awareness

In most circumstances your company logo is the first thing people see when being visually introduced to your company. For this reason, your logo is what most people will remember about your company and what they will refer to in their mind when they think of you.

Communicate and Distribute Information

Your logo is an important part of your new corporate identity because it communicates the image of your company and helps inform people of your business. Your logo can tell a potential customer exactly what you company is all about without requiring further information. Capturing the essence of your company is important because people will relate to your logo and feel comfortable doing business with you.

Make and Sustain Relationships

Your logo is the strongest visual representation of your company. Logos are the visual identity of your company and will represent your company outside of the office.

Service Customers and Make Sales

Your logo can tell a potential customer exactly what you company is all about without requiring further information. Capturing the essence of your company is important because people will relate to your logo and feel comfortable doing business with you.

our mission

Make your life easier

Here at DesignWorx Studios, our mission is to combine top quality design with the highest quality marketing and promotional products available. Our focus on design comes from the understanding that your logo and marketing design are what set you apart from your competition. In todays competitive market there are certain requirements that the average consumer needs to do business with you. The first of these requirements in many cases is the ‘appearance’ of your company. This means that consumers care about your logo and the way your marketing materials look, and will make their decision to utilize your products/services versus another company based solely on the appearance of your company. The average consumer equates the quality of your company or organization with the quality of what you put in front of them. If your logo, brochure, and website is un-professional, unattractive, and flat-out amatuer, people will believe your products and services are too. Why do most major companies such as McDonald’s and WalMart spend so much money on every detail of their marketing? Because they know the importance of appearance and image.

We can give you, your company, or your organiztion a quality, professional image that will make potential customers believe in your products or services. Marketing and promotional tools are the face of your company when you are not there. We take this fact into consideration and only offer the best products so that you are always representing your company at its highest level. If you choose any of our marketing or promotional solutions you can be sure that we will take you smoothly through every step and make sure your project is completed to the highest professioinal standards. By combining our outstanding graphic design with our customized product selection, you are sure to build a strong company image without breaking your budget.

The design and production processes can be very labor intensive, and may seem too much to deal with for many people. If you are not a professional designer, you will not know how to download templates, edit fonts, change file formats, maximize file sizes, set file resolutions, adjust bleeds, setup color modes, prepare files for output, submit files electronically, flatten files, review proofs, etc, etc, etc. There are a lot of technical specifications involved with every aspect of design and production processes. If you are not a trained professionalThis is how we are different from most design and production companies. We strive to take the difficulty out of the design and production processes. We do all the labor intensive work for you. If you know nothing about graphics and printing you are at home with us. We design your projects so you dont have to. We deal with the print shops long list of production guidelines, so you dont have to. We review proofs and make changes, so you dont have to. All you have to do is sit back, click a few links and wait for your project to be emailed or delivered right to your doorstep. Its that simple.

We do not ask you to go through the entire process on your own. You can consult with us on the details of your project, free of charge. We are available anytime to discuss your project and are happy to answer any questions you have about our products or services. We do not want to just push our services onto you and have you purchase blindly, that is not our goal. Our goal is to take your through our processes from beginning to end. If we design your project and you choose to purchase one of our products, we will make sure that you are involved every step of the way. If you just choose to have us design your project then we will be sure that your ideas are implemented in such a way that you feel like you are always in control of your project. So go ahead, give us a shot, we are sure that you will be pleased that you did. Thanks.

Make you look good

What company does the Golden Arches belong to? Do you know what company uses a SWOOSH for their logo? Hopefully you get the quick point we are trying to make. A good logo is one that instantly relates your customers to your company.

Help you to stand out

A successful logo can stand out and grab peoples attention on its own. We believe that using graphics or icons that can be easily recognized and are universally known can increase the chance of being noticed.

Cost effective design service

Using colors that reflect your industry can enhance the success of your logo. If you are an environmentally friendly organization green can work great because most people associate green with nature. Red, orange, and yellow are more exciting and warmer colors.

give you tools to succeed

Your logo should only use graphics, text and colors that are associated with your company. They can be used torelate your business vision and goals in a more abstract way, or can even be used in a simpler fashion such as your company name spelled out on its own.

"design is our passion. its what we do."

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What we can do for you
  • Build Awareness
  • Communicate & Distribute Information
  • Make & Sustain Relationships
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  • Service Customers
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