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why are logos important

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First Thing People See. Last Thing They Remember.

In most circumstances your company logo is the first thing people see when being visually introduced to your company. For this reason, your logo is what most people will remember about your company and what they will refer to in their mind when they think of you.

Communicate Your Corporate Identity

Your logo is an important part of your new corporate identity because it communicates the image of your company and helps inform people of your business. Your logo can tell a potential customer exactly what you company is all about without requiring further information. Capturing the essence of your company is important because people will relate to your logo and feel comfortable doing business with you.

Visual Representation of Your Company

Your logo is the strongest visual representation of your company. Logos are the visual identity of your company and will represent your company outside of the office.

Capture the Essence of Your Company

Your logo can tell a potential customer exactly what you company is all about without requiring further information. Capturing the essence of your company is important because people will relate to your logo and feel comfortable doing business with you.

Makes People Recognize You

Your logo will help your business be recognized anywhere you put it. Think NIKE, their swoosh is the most recognizable logo ever created, yet is very simple at first look.

You Will Look Professional

Lets face it, when you are a small business it is not always easy to look professional. A well done logo can give you that professional look you need to bring your business to the next level.

what makes a good logo?

Effectively Communicates your Corporate Image

A good logo is one that captures the image of your business, communicates your corporate image in a way that is appealing and memorable. A good logo will affirm your identity.

Instantly Relates Your Customer to You

What company does the Golden Arches belong to? Do you know what company uses a SWOOSH for their logo? Hopefully you get the quick point we are trying to make. A good logo is one that instantly relates your customers to your company.

Stands Out and Grabs Attention

A successful logo can stand out and grab peoples attention on its own. We believe that using graphics or icons that can be easily recognized and are universally known can increase the chance of being noticed.

Uses Colors That Reflect Your Industry

Using colors that reflect your industry can enhance the success of your logo. If you are an environmentally friendly organization green can work great because most people associate green with nature. Red, orange, and yellow are more exciting and warmer colors.

Associates Images with Your Company

Your logo should only use graphics, text and colors that are associated with your company. They can be used torelate your business vision and goals in a more abstract way, or can even be used in a simpler fashion such as your company name spelled out on its own.

Gets Across the Core Values of your Company

A good logo should relate the core values of your company in a way that entices viewers. No matter what the values of your company are, your logo should get your core values across. Doing this correctly can make your logo more appealing to someone who is looking for those values in companies to do business with.

"A good logo communicates the image of your company and instantly relates to customers."

More Logo Design Info

What is a Logo ‘Concept’?

Concept is a term we use meaning new logo design, or really any logo design new or revised.

What is a Revision?

Revisions are changes, adjustments, or alterations to a logo design concept. Revisions are a normal, healthy part of the design process. We include up to 3 revisions free with every logo design option. All revision requests must be submitted using our Revision Request Form.

Style Sheet

Style Sheets are a series of questions that give you the ability to provide us with important information regarding your logo design. We use this information as a starting point and general direction for your design. All logo orders must be submitted with a completed Style Sheet.

Idea Upload

Upload artwork you want us to use as inspiration for your design using our Idea Upload link. Uploads may consist of images, pictures, and previous logos.


We work fast to give you original concepts within 48 - 72 hours of placing your order. If more time is necessary we will contact you via e-mail or phone. The revision process may add on additional time. Ask about our rush service for jobs that need emergency attention.

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Design Policies & Guarantee

Our Order Policy

All orders are placed as a retainer to start work on your website. Upon submission of your order and style sheet work will begin on your website. All orders placed are non-refundable once work begins. If you do decide within 24 hours that you would not like to proceed with your order we will refund your payment.

Our Payment Policy

We accept credit cards, paypal, check or money orders. Credit card and Paypal orders will be processed and started immediately. Checks or money orders will need to be verified before work begins.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you will be satisfied with the outcome of your design. In the unlikely event that you do not like the outcome of your design we will provide a new concept free of charge.*

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